Pipeline Right of Way

You Have a Role to Play in Pipeline Safety

A pipeline Right-of-Way is the strip of land over a buried pipeline. If you are planning to dig or disturb the ground near a pipeline right of way, it is your responsibility to ensure that your activities don’t disturb the pipeline. Prior to starting any type of ground disturbance work, you are required to Call or Click Before You Dig. Learn how to obtain a crossing agreement from Gibson.

Ground Disturbance Activities

Examples of activities requiring you to Call or Click Before You Dig include

  • Operating vehicles or farm equipment on or over the Right-of-Way
  • Reducing depth of soil covering the pipeline
  • Ploughing below 30 centimeters or ground leveling
  • Planting trees or hedges
  • Installing or fixing drainage systems and/or fencing
  • Constructing roads, paving, parking, driveways and/or overhead or underground utilities

How to Call or Click Before Your Dig

Connecting with your local one-call centre is free and they will provide you with information regarding the location of pipelines or any other type of buried infrastructure within the vicinity of your planned activity.