DRU At Hardisty

Innovative DRU technology and its product, DRUbit™, are a more sustainable way to deliver heavy Canadian crude from Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The First Diluent Recovery Unit in Western Canada

The Hardisty Energy Terminal (HET) launched in 2021 with our partner, USD Group. It is a high-quality infrastructure project and first of its kind in Western Canada. 

The DRU separates the diluent that has been added to the raw bitumen in the production process (to aid flow through the pipelines), which meets two important market needs – it returns the recovered diluent for reuse in the Alberta market, reducing delivered costs for diluent, and it creates DRUbit™, a proprietary heavy Canadian crude oil specifically designed for rail transportation and preferred by refiners.

Full Market Access Solution

From Alberta’s oil sands to Port Arthur for transport across the U.S. Gulf Coast, the Hardisty Energy Terminal provides infrastructure to support egress.

Innovative, Safe & Sustainable

Since 2021, the DRU has provided a safer, non-hazardous product that offers substantially lower rail cost relative to traditional DilBit. This innovative technology is the first of its kind in Western Canada with potential to expand in the future.

3 Unit Trains

have the ability to be loaded at the DRU each day


barrels are moved through the DRU per day


The DRU is a Joint Venture between USD Group and Gibson Energy