Pipeline Safety

Safety matters to us, and protecting the health of the people and the environment where we operate is a serious business. We have an active Pipeline Safety or Damage Prevention and Public Awareness Program in place to educate and inform our neighbours and ensure the safety of those working and living in areas surrounding our pipelines.

Identifying a Leak

Although pipeline leaks are rare, it’s important to know the signs and what to do if you suspect a leak.

Pipeline Right of Way

Our pipelines are clearly marked with warning signs or markers along the routes to show that there is a pipeline nearby. Learn more about a pipeline right-of-way and how to contact us.

Land Inquiries and Crossing Agreements

If you are planning to dig or disturb the ground near a pipeline Right-of-Way, it is your responsibility to ensure that your activities don’t disturb the pipeline. Prior to starting any type of ground disturbance work, you are required to Call or Click Before You Dig. Click the button to find out how to obtain a crossing agreement from Gibson.