Sustainability & ESG

We are committed to the principles of sustainability and integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics deeper into our business and strategy.

Recent amendments to the Competition Act create significant uncertainty for Canadian companies that want to communicate publicly about the work they are doing to improve their environmental performance, including actions and plans to address climate change. Due to ambiguity in the new law and uncertainty on how it will be interpreted, it could restrict how companies share information regarding their response to the energy transition and other environmental matters. 

Gibson Energy remains fully committed to environmental performance, sustainable development, the work we are doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our related ambitions. Our stakeholders have clearly indicated that they want us to be transparent in that regard. Gibson Energy, along with all energy industry companies, has a key role to play in helping Canada reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and meet its climate ambitions, while also supporting a vibrant economy, improving environmental performance and providing Canadians with secure access to affordable energy. 

This website, along with our social media and other public communications, include information related to Gibson Energy’s ESG goals and sustainability related achievements, activities, commitments and plans, as well as statements about the environmental impacts and climate-related effects of our business activities.  This information is prepared and disclosed in accordance with currently applicable law, standards and best practices and, where applicable, has been verified by third-party entities. 

Gibson Energy’s sustainability and ESG disclosures are overseen by the sustainability committee of its board of directors and are subject to regular internal reporting and review.  Such disclosures are accurate as at the date of publication, but include forward-looking information that is based on a number of assumptions and is subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from those contained within our sustainability and ESG disclosures.  Our ESG goals and plans to reduce our emissions may continue to evolve over time and may need to be updated, revised or modified as technologies, methodologies, standards, best practices and applicable law continue to evolve. 

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Energy Transition Projects

We continue to embed sustainability considerations throughout our business and identify ways we can support the energy transition with our world-class asset base.

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We believe our responsibility begins with the health and safety of our employees, contractors and our communities.