Energy Transition Projects

We continue to embed sustainability considerations throughout our business and identify ways we can support the energy transition with our world-class asset base.

We play an integral role in the North American energy value chain and as a leader in the midstream energy space, we have a responsibility to minimize emissions and energy use while promoting resource conservation and environmental stewardship. We are committed to acting now, as we continue to evolve our business strategy, to find new ways to sustainably meet the global energy demand and secure a more sustainable future for our company and for society as a whole.

Gibson recognizes the critical role we play during the energy transition and support the goals of the Paris Agreement, reflected by our Net Zero by 2050 aspiration, which is aligned with keeping the average global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Although Gibson conducts minimal lobbying and policy advocacy, we are committed to ensure our engagement activities are aligned with our climate-related goals and the Paris Agreement ambitions.


Biofuels Blending Project

In 2022, Gibson completed construction of our Biofuels Blending Project at the Edmonton Terminal, which added infrastructure to facilitate the storage, blending and transportation of renewable diesel.

NGL Recovery Project

In 2022, Gibson completed construction of a natural gas liquids (NGL) plant and switched from a feedstock-based, higher emissions intensity fuel supply to natural gas, while also increasing the production capacity of the facility.

DRU at Hardisty

Since 2021, the DRU has provided a safer, non-hazardous product that offers substantially lower rail cost relative to traditional DilBit. This innovative technology is the first of its kind in Western Canada with potential to expand in the future.

PPA Agreement

In 2023, Gibson entered into a 15-year renewable power purchase agreement (PPA) with Capstone Infrastructure Corporation and Sawridge First Nation's Buffalo Atlee 2 and 4 wind farms, furthering a low-carbon transition and emission reductions.