Protecting the environment is part of being a good neighbour. We work hard to minimize waste and emissions, and promote resource conservation and environmental stewardship.

Each of our operations adheres to strict environmental protection measures right from the planning and construction phases of a project through to daily operations. We follow all regulatory requirements and conduct ongoing monitoring of air, groundwater, and soil quality so we can respond quickly to any issues that may arise.


Our air quality monitoring program meets or exceeds, what is required. We have strict inventory measurements and preventative maintenance programs for all of our equipment, including our facilities, tanks and pipelines.


Throughout the lifecycle of our operations, we work hard to protect the land. Our large storage tanks have a secondary containment safety system in place to ensure the land is protected should an incident occur. Through our Land Quality Program, we make every effort to remediate and monitor the land that we impact to its original condition and use.


Whenever the potential exists for our operations to interact with water resources, we conduct evaluations to understand what impact we might have. This information, along with economic feasibility, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices is used to determine the best option.


An integral part of environmental stewardship is protecting the wildlife that lives in and around areas we work. Our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint and have as little disturbance to local wildlife and their habitat as possible.

Community Investment

Net Zero Commitment


Health & Safety