Moose Jaw Facility

Our Moose Jaw Facility in Saskatchewan is a heavy crude oil processing facility that produces a wide range of high-quality refined products.

Producing High-Quality Refined Products

Operating year-round with road, rail and pipeline connections, the facility runs a heavy crude feedstock, with the resulting light end products composed of tops, heavy distillate, light distillate and CVGO, while heavy end products include roofing flux and road asphalt.

Operating Safely

We regularly conduct a turnaround of our Moose Jaw Facility to ensure the continued safety and integrity of our operations. During the turnaround, we clean, inspect and service all the facility’s equipment to ensure we are running safely and efficiently.

Continually Optimizing

As part of our efforts to expand capacity, reduce emissions and improve the efficiency of our operations, we recently completed a project at our Moose Jaw Facility to construct a natural gas liquids (NGL) plant and switch from a feedstock-based, higher emissions intensity fuel supply to natural gas, while also increasing the production capacity of the facility.


to both road, rail and pipeline, our Moose Jaw Facility is set up for optimal egress


barrels of throughput per day at our Moose Jaw Facility


year-round operations at our Moose Jaw Facility