Emergency Preparedness

We work hard to improve our safety programs, every day. If there is an emergency, we’re ready to respond quickly and effectively.

We have extensive controls and mitigation measures in place to prevent any unplanned product release. In the unlikely event that an incident occurs, Gibson Energy is ready to respond safely and effectively to protect the communities and environment in all areas where we operate.  

Our Emergency Management Program outlines requirements to:  

  • Ensure all regulatory and stakeholder commitments are achieved  

  • Ensure all necessary resources for response and coordination are established  

  • Validate our Emergency Response Plans and preparedness through an extensive training and exercise program for all levels of response.

Mutual Aid:

Being prepared means taking a collaborative approach to safety. Gibson has partnered with our industry peers and first responders throughout our areas of operations. We are active members of several Mutual aids and response agencies. These organizations work together to ensure response personnel, equipment and resources are readily available to respond to any emergency.

Public Information Brochures:   

Safety is the top priority for Gibson, and the protection of the public in our areas of operations is of utmost importance. The following information brochures are available to the public in our areas of operation and include:
  • What to do in the event of an emergency  
  • Gibson’s prevention and emergency measures  
  • Emergency contact information  

Gibson Energy 24-hour Emergency Number is 1-866-553-0111