Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

We believe that an effective Board and Leadership team requires diverse expertise, experience, independence, personal skills and qualities to ensure our long-term success. In an effort to increase gender diversity within our Board and Leadership team, we rolled out a Diversity and Inclusion Policy in March 2019. In February 2021, we expanded the Policy to include racial and ethnic minorities as well as Indigenous Persons and also embedded our diversity and inclusion targets.

The Policy articulates our belief that diversity allows for better corporate governance and enhanced effectiveness through the contribution of different perspectives and experiences. Women currently comprise 44% of our Board and 33% of our Senior Leadership team.

Gender Diversity

Gibson continues to make progress on its diversity and inclusion commitments and identified both short- and long-term objectives for improving diversity, including four key strategic pillars around which efforts have been focused: Recruitment, Retention, Advancement and Awareness. To date, with an initial focus on gender diversity, we have successfully initiated programs across all four pillars.


Key metrics were identified to understand the composition of our workforce. Results of this analysis have enabled us to incorporate gender diversity into our human resource programs. For instance, recruitment practices were modified to aim for equal gender representation of applicant interviews. We have also initiated and implemented a Women in Operations & Engineering and a Women in Finance Development Programs to attract and develop future female leaders graduating from post-secondary schools. These programs are further supplemented by the Gibson Energy Women in Operations & Engineering and Women in Finance scholarship programs which will support female students at various post-secondary schools across North America. Interested in working at Gibson?  Learn more here