Red Dress Day at Gibson

May 5, 2023

May 5th has been designated as a National Day of Awareness commemorating and raising awareness around missing and murdered Indigenous women girls, two-spirit, and gender diverse people (MMIWG2S+). The day known as Red Dress Day, is a solemn reminder that Indigenous people in Canada continue to face violence, discrimination and injustice to this day.

The roots of this issue stem from systemic issues such as colonialism and discrimination, which have led to the marginalization and victimization of Indigenous peoples. These factors have contributed to a heightened vulnerability and inability to access adequate resources and support systems, leaving Indigenous women, girls, two-spirit, and gender diverse people to disproportionate rates of violence.

At Gibson, we have provided our team with learning opportunities and resources to further understand the MMIWG2S+ crisis. Building a solid foundation of cultural and historical awareness within our company and among our employees will enable us to continue our reconciliation journey. As we progress our Gibson Indigenous Awareness learning, we are looking to provide a safe space for questions, dialogue, sharing and learning.

On Red Dress Day, we stand in solidarity and honour the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, two-spirit, and gender diverse people. We are committed to establishing, maintaining and strengthening relationships with Indigenous Peoples in Canada and their respective leadership and communities built on trust, respect and reconciliation.



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