Community Food Drive in southwest Saskatchewan

At Gibson, giving back to the communities where we live and work is paramount!

Like many communities, Kindersley, Rosetown, and the surrounding communities in southwest Saskatchewan are also feeling the heavy effects of the rising cost of groceries and food insecurity. Recognizing the need to provide the community with further support to address the inequity, Bevan Mann and his team set out to collect 10,000 items to donate to the Kindersley and Rosetown food banks, which support seven total communities with a combined population of over 11,000 people.

In recognition of World Hunger Day on May 28, the southwest Saskatchewan Gibson team launched a three-week campaign to garner as much support and donations as possible. 

While 10,000 items was a lofty benchmark, both food banks’ shelves were nearly empty, and the number of hamper requests was steadily increasing. Alarmingly, one in three food bank users in this area is a young child, and these contributing factors made the need for immediate action even more critical.


Between May 28 and June 20, the team worked tirelessly to promote and collect items at several drop-off points located throughout the region. Gibson team members, industry peers, and members of the community donated non-perishable food items, hygiene products, baby supplies, and financial contributions, recognizing the urgent need to help their neighbors in difficult times.

The team’s efforts paid off remarkably. They collected over 5,400 items, filling the once-empty shelves of the Kindersley and Rosetown’s respective food banks. Additionally, they raised over $6,000 in funds to ensure ongoing support.

Not stopping there, in 2022, the team also planted gardens to provide fresh produce for the food bank and have yet again initiated this community effort for 2023. Once harvested, the vegetables will be donated, adding a nutritious source of food. So although the team did not quite reach the initial goal of 10,000 items, the fresh produce will surely add to the tally.

The impact of this small team is inspiring. They showed that even with limited resources, a dedicated group can make a significant difference in their home communities. Their actions highlight the power of empathy and teamwork.

The Kindersley and Rosetown Food Banks expressed deep gratitude for the team’s commitment. The donations and funds will provide crucial support to those facing food insecurity. This campaign demonstrates the strength and compassion within Saskatchewan’s communities, showing what can be achieved when we unite for a common cause.

This team from southwest Saskatchewan reminds us that no act of kindness is too small. Their contributions bring us closer to a world without hunger and where compassion prevails. Through our Gibson GIVES program, we will continue to prioritize initiatives that have a positive and measurable impact, ensuring that our neighbors share in the benefits of our success.

Thank you to all those who volunteered and donated!

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