Working with Gibson Energy

Working with Gibson Energy

Do you share the Gibson Energy commitment to excellence and customer service? Find out if you qualify to be a service provider

Our suppliers, contractors and service providers play a key role in helping us achieve our business objectives. We are always looking for providers who share our values and understand the importance of working safely and responsibly.


In order to work with Gibson Energy, you must pre-qualify. Gibson uses ISNetworld as its primary prequalification service provider. The information you provide to ISNetworld will help us assess your company’s environmental, health and safety performance as well as your financial strength.

Prequalification does not mean or imply any right to work for Gibson. Prequalification only means that your company qualifies to be on an approved bidders list and that you are eligible to work with us.

Next Steps

We use ISNetworld as the first step in prequalifying all contractors who would like to be considered for our approved bidders list. In order to be considered during the contractor/supplier services selection process, your company must subscribe to ISNetworld.

Your company’s ISNetworld subscription will provide Gibson Energy with access to the following required information:

  • Company Information
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Questionnaire
  • Documents
  • Written Health and Safety Programs

To ensure Gibson has access to your company’s information, please follow the steps below to authorize us to view your company’s scorecard:

  1. Login to ISNetworld
  2. Click “Company Admin”
  3. Click “Company Security Settings”
  4. Select the “Grant Connection Requests” tab
  5. Select “Unblock” under the “Action Column” for Gibson ULC.

Contractors must receive an A or B grade in order to pre-qualify with Gibson Energy. Once prequalification is met, a Gibson representative will contact you to discuss next steps.

For more information about ISNetworld, please visit or contact the ISN Customer Service Team by phone at (800) 976-1303 or via email