OpenInvoice Resources

OpenInvoice Resources

New to OpenInvoice? Please check-out our document How to Register an OpenInvoice Supplier Account. Please contact or call 1-866-627-3287 if you need any help with registration! Don't forget OpenInvoice is completely free for our suppliers to use.

Link to the OpenInvoice website:

All suppliers should be aware of Gibson Energy's Supplier Invoice Requirements. These pertain to what you must have on your PDF invoice copy.

Check out the following instructions to assist you in entering your first invoice:

How to Submit a Non-PO Invoice guide can be used for most invoices you submit. These step-by-step instructions will show you how to enter all the important details into OpenInvoice including amounts and tax, attaching your invoice (and back up documentation if necessary) and sending to Gibson via OpenInvoice for payment.

How to Submit a PO Invoice instructions are similar but this time you are starting with the PO. Easy to follow instructions that will take you through the necessary screens to successfully submit your invoice via OpenInvoice.

More questions? No worries - check out the FAQs

Questions, comments, or issues, please contact

Not on OpenInvoice yet? Please email your invoice to Please ensure that your attach only 1 invoice, per PDF, per email. Anything else will delay processing. Note this email address is not monitored.