Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

We work hard to improve our safety programs, every day. If there is an emergency, we’re ready to respond quickly and effectively.

We are proud of our safety record, but always strive for continuous improvement. We have a comprehensive Emergency Management Program, which applies across all our business activities and assets, and which enables us to identify, address and prepare for hazards in order to protect the public, the environment and our reputation.

Emergency Response

We regularly test our emergency response procedures, and train our staff in effective emergency management using the Incident Command System. Detailed procedures and responsibilities for responders are built into our training and exercises.

Our Crisis Leadership Team provides support and oversight to our emergency response actions and all aspects of our safety efforts.

Control Centres

Our storage tanks and operating facilities are monitored 24 hours a day by highly-trained Gibson Energy employees from computerized operation control centres. Continuous measurement and monitoring of flow, pressure, temperature and equipment status, ensures our operations are running safely and efficiently.

Mutual Aid Programs

Being prepared means taking a collaborative approach to safety. That’s why Gibson is part of several Mutual Aid groups throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, who collaborate, share resources and conduct joint training exercises to facilitate an even quicker response in the event of an incident at one of our facilities.

Emergency Information Handouts

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Hardisty, AB

Hussar, AB

Moose Jaw, SK

Plato North, SK

Sexsmith, AB