It Starts With Safety

It Starts With Safety

We believe our responsibility begins with the health and safety of our employees, contractors and our communities.

Health and Safety

At Gibson Energy, our commitment to health and safety is ingrained in our culture. We have a comprehensive Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Policy, which is supported by our management team, signed by our President and Chief Executive Officer and enforced among all employees and contractors in all our work locations.

We believe that a great safety record is just the starting point and strive for continuous improvement. Because even one incident is one too many.

Our Commitment

We take our responsibility seriously and we work hard to improve every day.

  • We operate under our EH&S Management System, a company-wide framework that drives continual improvement in our performance and legal compliance.
  • We build programs that encourage employee, contractor and leadership participation, keeping each person focused on performance and our goals.
  • We provide regular training sessions that empower and equip employees to identify potential risks and take the necessary actions to mitigate them.
  • We work collaboratively with regulators, industry experts and other stakeholders to ensure we learn, understand and share best practices. 

2016 Highlights

  • We acheived a Total Recordable Incident Frequency of 1.32, a favorable variance to our 2016 target of 1.85
  • We conducted 144 emergency response exercises across the organization, including table top, drill and full scale
  • We improved our 2016 Certificate of Recognition (COR) results in Alberta by 5% over 2015 results; overall score was 87%
Stop Work Program

Stop Work Program

Our Stop Work program gives our people the authority to “stop work” for any safety reason at any of our locations. If a task is stopped, the job cannot continue until it is safe.