Crude Oil and NGL Hauling

Crude Oil and NGL Hauling

Our network of highly trained and dedicated drivers work hard to deliver flexible and responsive hauling solutions

As one of the largest crude oil haulers in Western Canada, and one of the largest independent for-hire crude hauler in the U.S., Gibson Energy has built a solid reputation for being a safe and reliable carrier. Our extensive fleet of specialized trucks provides customers with flexible, cost-effective solutions to transport their crude oil or natural gas liquids.

In the highly regulated and sensitive markets where we operate, compliance is key to our success. We invest heavily in driver training and in our equipment, and we put safety at the centre of everything we do.


We take safety seriously and stay current on industry best practices. We’ve earned a Certificate of Recognition for our safety management program and and are in full compliance with U.S and Canadian Dangerous Goods regulations. Learn more about our safety culture.

Advanced Technology

  • We provide accurate and timely invoicing
  • Our state-of-the-art on-board systems track real-time load and truck management

Scale and Flexibility

  • We have over 3,000 trailers and tractors available across North America
  • We have strategically located transloading facilities in Edmonton, Hardisty, Rimbey Sexsmith & Barr, Alberta; as well as Casper, Wyoming
  • We operate over 60 crude oil injection stations in North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Louisiana, Montana and New Mexico.

Integrated Operations

Our integrated operations allow customers to bundle all their blending, storage, transportation, and waste and water disposal needs throughout Western Canada

Financial Stability

We have a 60 year history of helping customers with their logistics and transportation solutions through every type of business cycle