Hydro Excavation and Pressure Testing

Hydro Excavation and Pressure Testing

Serving the oil & gas, construction, mining, commercial, residential and utility industries in southeast Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Our specialized hydrovac operations help our customers in southeast Alberta and Saskatchewan with experience, know-how and the best equipment for the job.

Hydro Vac

  • Trenching, Bell Holes and daylighting
  • Utility and Pipeline Crossing
  • Debris removal and clean up
  • Service and splice pits
  • Integrity digs and bonding mat work

Pressure Truck Services

  • Pipeline and vessel pressure testing
  • Pigging, circulating and dewatering
  • Methanol rental services for pressure testing during the winter months

Water Truck Services

  • Clean fresh water supply to hydro Vacs, directional boring units, steamer units
  • Hot work including fire watch
  • Remote-operated rear spray bars for fresh water spreading

Steam Truck & Combo Vac Services

  • Tank, vessel, vehicle and rig mat cleaning
  • Building and equipment cleaning
  • Line moling/crawling
  • Various winter thawing and heating operations