U.S. Exploration Support Services

U.S. Exploration Support Services

Our team provides exploration solutions to customers in the Gulf Coast, Midwest and Northeast regions

We specialize in providing onshore seismic drilling services to geophysical companies operating in logistically difficult and environmentally sensitive terrain. Our expertise in drilling and drill-related project management helps ensure a profitable program for companies engaged in the acquisition of 3D seismic data.

Our Exploration Support Services team has comprehensive industry knowledge, a steadfast commitment to safety, a wide range of technologically superior equipment and unmatched project management expertise which gives our customers an unrivalled competitive advantage.


Contract permit agents conduct project geography research, contact landowners and negotiate and acquire permits and landowner consents for the survey, drilling and recording crews to conduct their operations. Agents assist personnel in the field with landowner relations and permit restrictions in order to reduce downtime for noncompliance.


Following the determination of the source and receiving points of data, contract personnel plot each location with both GPS (for open land areas) and conventional survey equipment (for wooded areas).

Source Point Handling

Our drill crews are deployed to drill (generally to depths of 40 feet to 180 feet) and load the source points. After the raw seismic data has been acquired, it is sent to a data processing facility where it can then be analyzed to identify and monitor movements of hydrocarbon formations.

Exploration Support Equipment

We've amassed one of the largest Transition Zone and Highland drilling fleets in the U.S. Our wide range of technologically superior equipment and unmatched project management perspective give our customers major competitive advantages. We provide service throughout the South (Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi), Midwest (Oklahoma) and Northeast (Marcellus and Utica shale plays).

Our wide-ranging fleet includes specialized equipment designed for maximum agility in extreme terrains, including:

  • Highland
  • Transition Zone
  • Hilly Northeastern topography (Marcellus, Utica)
  • Rockies