Production Tools Equipment

Tools and Equipment Rental

Our fleet of high-performance equipment and tools is engineered for safety, reliability and efficiency. We meticulously upgrade and maintain our inventory to the highest industry standards.

  • Mud pumps & flat tanks
  • Safety clamps (tubing collars or casing)
  • Rotary drill collars
  • Racks and catwalks
  • Slip type tubing elevators
  • Casing elevators
  • Casing scrappers
  • Tubing spiders
  • Safety valves, tubing thread
  • Choke manifold
  • Mud crosses
  • Chokes
  • Drill collar lifting subs
  • Drill collar lifting subs
  • Power swivels
  • Washington head
  • Smith bits (sale)
  • Flanges-blind or companion
  • Larking head threaded flanges
  • Spools
  • Adapters-single or double studded
  • Hot shot and Fifth wheel pickup
  • Pickup & trailer