NORM Decontamination & Disposal

Cost-effective, environmentally-friendly decontamination services for naturally occurring radioactive materials 

Our NORM decontamination facility, located in Intracoastal City, Louisiana, provides dedicated oilfield equipment decontamination services for all naturally occurring radioactive materials. The facility, staffed by skilled and highly trained personnel, is equipped with two decontamination slabs, a high-pressure water blasting unit used for lance tubing, a pipe cleaning unit with range III rigid lance rail (40psi and decontamination ID and OD piping from two inch to 20 inch ID and OD), and a closed-loop vacuum system.

The facility’s access to road and bulkhead accommodates loading and unloading to and from land or offshore. It is open seven days a week, for efficient, and NORM compliant handling of production, drilling, and drilling mud-contaminated equipment, including piping and vessels.


  • Surveying
  • Decontamination
  • Sampling
  • Waste minimization
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Tubular cleaning