Automated Cleaning Services

Learn more about our automated systems that improve safety and reduce downtime.

ATLANTIS - Dockside cleaning

Our ATLANTIS technology sets a new standard in automated cleaning. Our unique system is faster, more efficient and safer than conventional cleaning methods, making it a natural choice for supply vessel cleaning.

ATLANTIS uses mechanical cleaning devices for high-volume, high-pressure water flow. The chemical process transforms mud into slurry for easy pumping, and the recycling process separates waste for environmentally efficient disposal.

Our ATLANTIS facility serves producers in the Shelf and Deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Discover “ATLANTIS” - a fully automated, land-based, technologically advanced supply vessel cleaning system

IMPACT - Cleaning system

Our IMPACT tank and vessel cleaning solution is efficient, thorough and completely automated. Not only does production remain online throughout the cleaning process, it is controlled externally, eliminating the need for confined space exposure.

IMPACT works by taking solid buildup and removing it mechanically using the vessel’s pressure. Sand and solids settle to the vessel bottom, eliminating suspension into the fluid pad. Polished, produced fluids are introduced back into the vessel to remove the solids, generating zero fluid waste and allowing the vessels to remain fully functional during the entire process.