Health and Wellness Site Evaluation

As the situation around the COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to evolve, we want to ensure our contractors and customers are confident that Gibson Energy has been closely monitoring the situation and ensuring best practices are being followed. As part of our commitment to the health, safety and security of both our employees and external providers, Gibson Energy is implementing the following practices, effective immediately.

Screening Questionnaire

Each contractor must ensure that all their employees, subcontractors and delivery suppliers entering a Gibson Energy facility complete a mandatory questionnaire. Questionnaires are specific to the location your are working in, so please choose the appropriate option below:

Hardisty/Hardisty Energy Terminal (DRU)  Edmonton  Moose Jaw  Other Terminals & Pipelines  U.S. Operations  Calgary Head Office

These questionnaires are located on our external website ( under the Contractor section listed at the top of the webpage. All contractors must complete and submit their questionnaire weekly by 3:00pm (MST) each Friday (or at the end of the shift if this occurs earlier) by clicking on the above location link, answering/acknowledging all of the sections on the form and then click the submit button.

Forms are deemed invalid if not completed after one week. If any individual who has completed the questionnaire answers YES to any of the questions, they will not be allowed entry to any of the Gibson Energy sites. Subsequently you must contact your Gibson EH&S representative listed below and confirm when that individual was last on a Gibson Energy site. Gibson Energy will then provide further direction.

Cleaning Expectations

Gibson Energy is increasing the level of cleaning within its locations and expects all contractors to do the same. All contractors must ensure that there is increased cleaning (before and after all breaks) of all common spaces (i.e. lunchroom, meeting rooms, trailers etc.). Cleaning must be completed using approved sanitizers or appropriate substitutes.

Contractor Leadership

We are expecting that all contractor leadership keep in regular contact with their crews and workers to monitor the situation. Each contractor employee is responsible for informing their direct supervisor if they are experiencing any symptoms. Our expectation is that the contractor’s leadership informs Gibson Energy immediately of any changes. It is important that everyone looks out for each other in these troubling times.