Gibsons Responds to Comments from Shareholder and Reaffirms Commitment to Infrastructure

Aug 14, 2017

CALGARY, Alberta, Aug. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gibson Energy Inc. ("Gibsons” or the “Company") (TSX:GEI) responded today to comments from M&G Investment Management Limited of London, UK (“M&G”), which owns 19.4% of Gibsons’ shares. Gibsons reaffirmed its commitment to its infrastructure business.

“Gibsons has maintained an open and constructive dialogue with M&G over the past several years, as we do with all shareholders,” said James Estey, Chairman of Gibsons. “We welcome M&G’s input and look forward to continuing our dialogue with M&G and our many other shareholders. M&G’s views and ours are aligned regarding our focus on infrastructure, the value of our Hardisty and Edmonton crude oil terminals and our dividend policy, among other things.”

As part of its focus on creating long-term shareholder value, Gibsons’ Board of Directors recently appointed Steve Spaulding as President and CEO. Mr. Spaulding is an accomplished industry veteran with more than 25 years' experience in the midstream space.

Since joining Gibsons on June 19, 2017, Mr. Spaulding has been reviewing the business portfolio and has already taken decisive action, with the Board’s full support, to divest Gibsons’ non-core U.S. Environmental Services business by year end. Mr. Spaulding has also stated an intent to drive organic growth in Gibsons’ core oil infrastructure business and improve asset returns through a renewed customer emphasis.  

Gibsons has been actively divesting non-core assets and optimizing its capital structure. In the first quarter of 2017, Gibsons divested its Industrial Propane business for $435 million, helping to reduce long-term debt by 25%.

In 2018, Gibsons expects infrastructure will account for fully 75% of its segment profit, the majority of which will come from secure, long-term, fixed-fee contracts that are not volume-dependent. Going forward, we will continue to focus on investments in our infrastructure footprint.

The Board is confident the Company is on the right track in executing its strategy to create significant long-term value for shareholders centered on the Company’s core infrastructure business. The Company expects that Mr. Spaulding’s review, which will include a focus on cost efficiencies and the possibility of further asset divestures, will further enhance the Company’s strategic focus.

About Gibsons

Gibsons is a Canadian-based midstream energy company with operations in most of the key hydrocarbon-rich basins in North America.  With headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, the Company’s North American operations include the storage, blending, processing, transportation, marketing and distribution of crude oil, liquids and refined products. The Company also provides oilfield waste and water management services.

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