Gibson Announces New Storage Capacity at Hardisty

Apr 13, 2015

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - April 13, 2015) - Gibson Energy Inc. ("Gibsons" or the "Company"), (TSX:GEI), is pleased to announce that it has received sufficient committed shipper support to proceed with an additional 900,000 barrels of crude oil storage capacity at the Company's Hardisty Terminal. This will be comprised of a 400,000 barrel storage tank and a 500,000 barrel storage tank. The 500,000 barrel storage tank is backed by a long-term agreement with Teck Resources Limited, a new customer for Gibsons.

"The recent contract with Teck, in support of their Fort Hills project, illustrates the resiliency of our customers' growth plans and highlights the industry leading connectivity and optionality benefits associated with our terminal in the Hardisty area crude oil hub," said Rick Wise, Gibsons' Chief Operating Officer. "Despite today's depressed oil price environment, a robust growth profile remains in place for oil sands related production volumes. We have confidence in our ability to capture the associated demand for terminal services through the diversified offerings we can provide our customers at the Hardisty Terminal."

These latest storage tanks, expected to be in-service by the middle of 2017, are two of nine storage tanks associated with the Company's expansion of its Hardisty Terminal which commenced in 2012. To date, we have commissioned four tanks in this expansion totaling 1.7 million barrels of additional storage capacity. Including the tanks announced today, the remaining five tanks under construction will result in a further 2.0 million barrels of capacity which, upon completion, will increase Gibsons' total crude oil storage capacity at Hardisty to 8.0 million barrels.

About Gibson

Gibsons is a large independent integrated service provider to the oil and gas industry with operations across major producing regions throughout North America. Gibsons is engaged in the movement, storage, blending, processing, marketing and distribution of crude oil, condensate, natural gas liquids, water, oilfield waste, and refined products. The Corporation transports energy products by utilizing its integrated network of terminals, pipelines, storage tanks, and trucks located throughout western Canada and through its significant truck transportation and injection station network in the United States. The Corporation also provides emulsion treating, water disposal and oilfield waste management services through its network of processing, recovery and disposal in Canada and the United States and is the second largest industrial propane distribution company in Canada. The Corporation's integrated operations allow it to participate across the full midstream energy value chain, from the hydrocarbon producing regions in Canada and the United States, through the Corporation's strategically located terminals in Hardisty and Edmonton, Alberta and injection stations and terminals in the United States, to the end user or refineries of North America.

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