Gibson Energy Inc. Announces 2014 Growth Capital of $340 Million

Dec 10, 2013

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Dec. 10, 2013) -

All financial figures are in Canadian dollars.

Gibson Energy Inc. ("Gibson" or the "Company") (TSX:GEI) is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors has approved the Company's 2014 capital spending plan of $410 million. This is approximately 30% higher than Gibson's 2013 capital budget and represents the largest planned spend in the Company's history.

2014 Capital Spending Summary

(in millions) Growth Upgrade
TOTAL $ 340 $ 70 $ 410


  • $340 million - or 83% - of the 2014 capital spending plan is directed towards growth investments of which $230 million - or 68% - is earmarked for the Terminals and Pipelines segment;
  • Significant investments are also planned for the Environmental Services segment; and
  • Estimated growth capital spending for 2015 in excess of $250 million.

"Gibson's 2014 capital plan, which marks the third consecutive year that we have increased our annual capital program, demonstrates the demand for continued infrastructure growth in Alberta," said Stewart Hanlon, Gibson's President and Chief Executive Officer. "Our planned spending continues to be heavily weighted towards our Terminals and Pipelines segment, which should deliver predictable and growing cash flow for many years to come and, along with it, long term shareholder value."

2014 Capital Spending Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives supported by Gibson's 2014 capital spending program are:

  • Continuing growth at the Hardisty Terminal via additional large tank construction, backstopped by long term contracts and additional infrastructure to support growth opportunities;
  • Growing the Edmonton Terminal by constructing new pipeline and connection infrastructure, supported by long-term contracted terminal services and capitalizing on growing crude oil and diluent transportation and handling opportunities;
  • Expanding Gibson's integrated service offerings in growing North American resource oil plays by:
    • Building and expanding on the investment platform the Company has established in the Marketing, Transportation and Environmental Services business segments to handle growing oil and liquids production, emulsion treating, water disposal and oilfield waste management; and
    • Exploring alternatives to expand our full service midstream offering in the United States.

In 2014, approximately $340 million is allocated towards capital growth expenditures of which approximately $290 million represents spending associated with approved projects. A summary of key growth initiatives by business segment is outlined below:

  • Terminals and Pipelines for $230 million, primarily related to construction of tanks on the Hardisty eastern lands, the expansion of the Edmonton Terminal and the development of crude oil unit train infrastructure and manifest crude rail loading facilities. Of the total spend in the year, approximately $100 million relates to projects that are expected to be commissioned in early to mid-2015;
  • Environmental Services for $70 million, primarily related to growing the environmental and fluid handling business in the United States and expanding current facilities and adding facility locations in Canada;
  • Processing and Distribution for $20 million, largely related to the further debottlenecking at Moose Jaw Refinery and purchasing additional tanks and trucks for Canwest Propane; and
  • Truck Transportation for $10 million, largely relates to a facility build out in the Edmonton area.

Upgrade and replacement capital is planned to be $70 million in 2014. The planned spend which supports our growing asset base, will largely be focused on ensuring safety, reliability and efficiency of existing operations.

2015 Growth Capital Spending Estimate

The Company only prepared detailed capital budgets for 2014 but has initial indications of capital needs for 2015:

  • Estimated growth capital spending for 2015 is expected to be in excess of $250 million with approximately 70% of the spending allocated to the Terminals and Pipelines segment; and
  • $235 million represents spending associated with projects already approved, or expected to be approved in 2014.

"Our early view of 2015 brings growth capital over the next 24 months to approximately $600 million," said Hanlon. "This growth capital program should result in significant EBITDA growth, led by our Terminals and Pipelines business, as we exit 2014 and into 2015."

"We plan to fund the capital program from cash on hand, cash flow from operations and availability under the revolving credit facility," said Donald Fowlis, Gibson's Chief Financial Officer. "Preserving the Company's strong balance sheet to maintain financial flexibility is a primary goal."

About Gibson

Gibson is a large, independent midstream energy company in Canada and an integrated service provider to the oil and gas industry in the United States. Gibson is engaged in the movement, storage, blending, processing, marketing and distribution of crude oil, condensate, natural gas liquids, water, oilfield waste and refined products. Gibson transports energy products by utilizing its network of terminals, pipelines, storage tanks, and trucks located throughout western Canada and through its significant truck transportation and injection station network in the United States. Gibson also provides emulsion treating, water disposal and oilfield waste management services in Canada and the United States and is the second largest retail propane distribution company in Canada.

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