Facility Name: Rycroft, AB

Legal Site Description 08-18-78-05-W6M
Mailing Address Box 236, Rycroft, AB T0H 3A0
Hours of Operation 24 Hours
Facility Phone Number 1-780-765-3943
Plant Emergencies 1-866-553-0111
Area Sales Manager Darren McCann

Plant Manager Jim Zahara
Crude Oil Marketer Nathanael Darrell
Driving Directions Directions from the Town of Spirit River to the Rycroft Facility:
  • Travel southeast on Highway 49 for approximately 4.9 km
  • Turn south (right) on Range Road S5 and travel approximately 0.9 km into the facility
Directions from the Village of Rycroft to the Rycroft Facility:
  • Travel northwest on Highway 49 for approximately 3.5 km
  • Turn south (left) on Range Road 55 and travel approximately 0.9km into the facility
Approval Numbers WM161 (Facility) 9464C (ERCB Class 1b Well)

This facility is approved to accept the following Alberta generated oilfield waste materials:

  • Acid Solution
  • Boiler Blowdown Water
  • Caustic Solutions
  • Corrosion Inhibitor/Oxygen Scavenger Solutions
  • Filter Backwash Liquids (Gas Sweetening)
  • Filter Backwash Liquids (Water Treatment)
  • Glycol Solutions (No Heavy Metals)
  • Hydrotest Fluids – Methanol
  • Ion Exchange Resin
  • Sweetening Agents (Liquids)
  • Wash Fluids – Organic
  • Wash Fluids – Water
  • Water – Process (with Organic chemicals)
  • Water – Process (with Heavy Metals)
  • Water – Produced (including Brine Solutions)
  • Well Workover Fluids