Facility Name: Grand Cache, AB

Legal Site Description 1-19-57-5W6
Mailing Address Box 1256 Grande Cache, AB T0E 0Y0
Hours of Operation 24 Hours
Facility Phone Number 1-780-827-0005
Plant Emergencies 1-866-553-0111
Area Sales Manager Darren McCann

Plant Manager Adam Fearnside
Crude Oil Marketer Ryan Jack
Driving Directions From the city limits of Grande Cache to the Grande Cache Facility
  • Travel southeast on Highway 40 for approximately 26.1 km
  • Turn north (left) on Chip Truck Road into the facility
From intersection of Highways 16 and 40 in Hinton to the Grande Cache Facility:
  • Travel north on Highway 40 for approximately 114 km
  • Turn north (right) on Chip Road into the facility
Approval Numbers WM074 (Facility) 10153C (Class 1b Well)

This facility is approved to accept the following third party Alberta generated oil, gas and specific non-oilfield waste materials (non-dangerous or dangerous) for waste processing:

  • Acid Solution
  • Boiler Blowdown Water
  • Contaminated Debris and Soil (Crude Oil/Condensate)
  • Contaminated Debris and Soil (Produced/Salt Water)
  • Contaminated Debris and Soil (Refined Fuels/Oil)
  • Contaminated Water (Leachate, Collected Surface Waters)
  • Corrosion Inhibitor/Oxygen Scavenger Solutions
  • Crude Oil/Condensate Emulsions (residuals after treatment)
  • Drilling Waste Gel Chemical
  • Drilling Waste Hydrocarbon
  • Filter Backwash Liquids (Gas Sweetening)
  • Frac Sand – Non Radioactive
  • Glycol Solutions (No Heavy Metals)
  • Hydrotest Fluids – Methanol
  • Sand – Produced
  • Sludge – Flare Pit
  • Sludge – Hydrocarbon
  • Sludge – Process
  • Sludge – Process
  • Treater Hay
  • Wash Fluids – Organic
  • Wash Fluids – Water
  • Water – Process (with Organic chemicals)
  • Water – Process (with Heavy Metals)
  • Water – Produced (including Brine Solutions)
  • Well Workover Fluids