Facility Name: Claresholm, AB

Legal Site Description 11-30-012-25-W4M
Mailing Address PO Box 2619
Claresholm Alberta
T0L 0T0
Hours of Operation 24 Hours
Facility Phone Number 1-403-625-2343
Plant Emergencies 1-866-553-0111
Area Sales Manager Jacques Ackermann

Plant Manager Denny Steel
Crude Oil Marketer Nathanael Darrell
Driving Directions Directions from Claresholm:
  • 11.2 km east on secondary road 520, north on RGE RD. 260 for 1 km, east into location
Approval Numbers WM113 (Facility) 10843B (ERCB Class 1b Well)

This facility is approved to accept the following third party non-dangerous and dangerous oil and gas waste materials, in addition to the following Alberta generated industrial waste materials:

Alberta Generated Oil and Gas Waste

  • Cement (Returns Dry)
  • Contaminated Debris and Soil (Crude Oil/Condensate)
  • Contaminated Debris and Soil (Produced/Salt Water)
  • Crude Oil/Condensate Emulsions (residuals after treatment)
  • Drilling Waste Gel Chemical
  • Drilling Waste Hydrocarbon
  • Drilling Waste Advanced Gel Chemical
  • Frac Sand – Non Radioactive
  • Pigging Waste (Liquid and Wax)
  • Salt Heat Medium
  • Sand – Produced
  • Sludge – Flare Pit
  • Sludge – Gas Sweetening Systems
  • Sludge – Glycol/Gas Drying
  • Sludge – Hydrocarbon
  • Sludge – Process
  • Treater Hay

Alberta Generated Oil and Gas Waste - Fluids Appropriate for Disposal Down a Class 1b Well

  • Acid Solutions (unneutralized)
  • Boiler Blowdown Water
  • Caustic Solutions
  • Corrosion Inhibitor/Oxygen Scavenger Solutions
  • Filter Backwash Liquids (Gas Sweetening)
  • Filter Backwash Liquids (Water Treatment)
  • Glycol Solutions (No Heavy Metals)
  • Hydrotest Fluids – Methanol
  • Ion Exchange Resin
  • Sweetening Agents (Liquids)
  • Treater Hay
  • Wash Fluids – Organic
  • Wash Fluids –Water
  • Water – Process (with Organic chemicals)
  • Water – Process (with Heavy Metals)
  • Water – Produced
  • Well Workover Fluids

Alberta Generated Hazardous Recyclable (Industrial)

  • Contaminated Debris and Soil (Chemical/Solvent)
  • Contaminated Debris and Soil (Refined Fuels/Oil)
  • Sludge – Hydrocarbon
  • Waste Flammable Liquids

Alberta Generated Non-Hazardous Recyclable/Waste (Industrial)

  • Car Wash Sump Material
  • Contaminated Debris and Soil (Chemical/Solvent)
  • Contaminated Debris and Soil (Refined Fuels/Oil)
  • Interceptor Fluids
  • Shop Sump Material